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Jacqui - No Peace Through Discipline Cassette & Book

Jacqui - No Peace Through Discipline Cassette & Book

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No Peace Through Discipline, the debut full length album/poetry book from NYC based artist Jacqui. Across twenty-five poems and eight haunting tracks of electronic dance/spoken word, Jacqui tangles with transrurality, violence, kinships, submission, and subterranean natural histories. 

Bundle includes Cassette (featuring digital download) and poetry book. 

"Every poetic edge has a rural stratum, a machined mutation, a queer biology that molds and transplants this pastoral city-centric, tenuous queerlogics into rage & fury. Jacqui Barrington's No Peace Through Discipline is such simulated phantom, a synthetic ghost, a dolorous, dysmorphic lithium amongst the tautological reeds. A metacarpal transition that becomes indispensable. Their poetry is a defiant & dazzling electrical vegetation that is well worth the indulgence."

- Vi Khi Nao, author of A Brief Alphabet of Torture and Fish in Exile 

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